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Printed Custom Picks

We can print just about anything onto your custom picks! Logos, art, text, drawings and even photos can be printed onto our huge selection of pick materials, shapes, gauges and colours. This full colour printing method can cover the entire surface of the pick from edge to edge.
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Etched Custom Picks

We take our Delrinex™ picks and Etch them using a proprietary process, this produces a pick with increased grip because your graphics are sunken into the surface. Works best with artwork that features large solid graphics and larger text. Choose from any of our Delrinex gauges, shapes and colours.
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Metallic Custom Picks

We can print logos, text and line drawings using our metallic silver and gold inks! Our entire range of pick materials, shapes, gauges and colours are available for metallic printing. This type of printing is only available for 1 colour artwork and is not "foil", but reflective like silver or gold spray paint.
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