About Us

Since 1991, Grover Allman has been a world leader in guitar pick printing and design. Owners Kevin Grover and Jason Allman have been on the forefront of graphic design for picks, straps, and other accessories for over 20 years. Grover Allman continues to push the limits of pick printing technology and pick manufacturing.

Grover Allman guitar picks and accessories are offered in music stores throughout the world. In addition to world-class guitar pick and guitar strap personalization, Grover Allman also offers a wide variety of guitar related products such as:
• Printed Guitar Picks - 1000's of graphics to choose from
• Professional Guitar Picks - Huge variety of materials, shapes, gauges and colours available
• Capos and Other Guitar Accessories
• Guitar Related Gifts - Including pick tins, keyrings and necklaces
• Store Ready Displays / Pick Cabinets

Grover Allman offer many gauges, shapes, colours and materials of guitar picks for beginners through to professionals. Rock, Country, Blues, Metal, Jazz and everyone in between are covered with the vast array of products that are now available.

Be sure to view the ever expanding line of guitar related products available from Grover Allman in our Online Store.