Custom Multi Packs

Our popular Custom Multi Packs are great for bands, company promos, festivals and events.

Each pack contains five collectable guitar picks featuring artwork or photos of your band, company or event. Our graphics team can design the packaging for you using photos, album artwork or logos.

Contact us to place your order.


100 packs $3.70 AUD each
150 packs $3.00 AUD each
250 packs $2.70 AUD each
500 packs $2.50 AUD each
1000 packs $2.20 AUD each


Custom Guitar Keyrings

You can have your custom guitar picks attached to our range of Guitar Keyrings.
Each metal guitar measures 70mm in length, is intricately detailed and finished in stunning antique pewter, and comes complete with 30mm split ring and your detachable custom guitar pick.

Choose from either 'Printed' or 'Etched' Custom Pick Guitar Keyrings. Artwork can be on both sides of your picks at no extra cost.

Order Custom Guitar Keyrings Here


1 guitar keyring $23.60 AUD each
50 guitar keyrings $10.44 AUD each
100 guitar keyrings $5.71 AUD each
500 guitar keyrings $4.98 AUD each
1000 guitar keyrings $4.84 AUD each


Custom Pick Keyrings

You can have your custom guitar picks drilled and attached to black keyring cords.

Choose from either 'Printed' or 'Etched' Custom Pick Keyrings.

Order Custom Pick Keyrings Here


Single Sided
Double Sided
1 pick keyring $16.50 AUD each $20.50 AUD each
50 pick keyrings $1.48 AUD each $1.70 AUD each
100 pick keyrings $1.04 AUD each $1.38 AUD each
200 pick keyrings $0.91 AUD each $1.19 AUD each
500 pick keyrings $0.88 AUD each $1.00 AUD each
1,000 pick keyrings $0.78 AUD each $0.86 AUD each
2,000 pick keyrings $0.75 AUD each $0.84 AUD each
5,000 pick keyrings $0.72 AUD each $0.79 AUD each


Custom Pick Necklaces

You can have your custom guitar picks drilled and attached to 60cm nickel plated ball chain necklaces.

Choose from either 'Printed' or 'Etched' Custom Pick Necklaces.

Order Custom Pick Necklaces Here


Single Sided
Double Sided
1 pick necklace $17.00 AUD each $21.00 AUD each
50 pick necklaces $1.98 AUD each $2.20 AUD each
100 pick necklaces $1.54 AUD each $1.87 AUD each
200 pick necklaces $1.41 AUD each $1.69 AUD each
500 pick necklaces $1.38 AUD each $1.49 AUD each
1,000 pick necklaces $1.28 AUD each $1.36 AUD each
2,000 pick necklaces $1.25 AUD each $1.34 AUD each
5,000 pick necklaces $1.22 AUD each $1.29 AUD each


• All prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude shipping, shipping rates and methods will be displayed at checkout. You can convert these prices to various currencies by changing the currency setting in the menu at the top of this page.

• We do not charge for artwork setup and we have kept prices the same for all printing methods, pick shapes, gauges, colours and materials.

• If you need larger volumes contact us and we’ll be happy to help.