Reward Points Program

We've introduced a reward points program when you shop at Grover Allman. You can sign up or log into your account right now and claim 200 points for free.

For every dollar you spend with us, you earn 5 reward points. Once you've earned a few points, you can redeem them for discounts on future orders.

500 Reward Points = $5 Discount

1,000 Reward Points = $10 Discount

2,000 Reward Points = $25 Discount

3,5000 Reward Points = $50 Discount

To access your reward points panel, log into our website here, and look for the tab on the bottom left of the page:

 We hope you enjoy your rewards.

We've also included a referrals program. In your account you'll find a referral code link that you can share with your family and friends. It looks something like this:

You can share via Facebook, Twitter or email by clicking the buttons below your link.

For every person who places an order using your unique referral link, you'll automatically get 300 reward points added to your account. Plus, you'll look like a great friend because they get 10% off their first order. Win-win!