Delrinex Custom Picks

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Delrinex™ Picks

We can print just about anything onto your custom Delrinex™ picks... Logos, art, text, drawings and even photos. This full colour printing method can cover the entire surface of the pick from edge to edge.
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Delrinex Picks

'TRU GRIP' is the most natural feeling, most aggressive grip in the industry. A series of small spikes applied to the grip area on both sides of the pick give you an extreme, non slip surface. We start off by printing your picks with your custom graphics. We can print logos, text, or full colour photos. After printing we apply our revolutionary 'TRU GRIP' spikes to both sides.
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Delrinex™ Picks

We take our Delrinex™ picks and Etch them using a proprietary process, this produces a pick with increased grip because your graphics are sunken into the surface. Works best with artwork that features large solid graphics and larger text.
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