Guitar Accessories Gift Set #6

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  • This Gift Set Includes:
    1 x Guitar Pick Sample Pack (20 picks)
    1 x Guitar Keyring (Choose from 8 designs)
    10 x Celluloid Standard Shape Pro Picks (Choose your pick colour & gauge)
    1 x Guitar Pick Necklace (Choose from 16 designs)

    We have created these Guitar Accessories bundles to help you get started as you head towards guitar greatness! Our bundles are a great way to save money and still get everything you need. They also make great gifts for any budding guitarist friends or family.

    Purchase gift sets on their own or in addition to any of our Custom Guitar Pick products.

  • Guitar Pick Sample Pack:
    • Contains a selection of different pick gauges, shapes, materials and colours
    • 20 different picks, including 1 'glow in the dark' pick and 1 'TRU GRIP' pick, designed to help you choose which pick shape and material you prefer 

    Guitar Keyring:
    • The Ultimate Keyring for Guitarists...  You'll never be caught without a pick again!
    • Measure 70mm in length
    • Intricately detailed and finished in stunning antique pewter
    • Comes complete with 30mm split ring and detachable green vintage celluloid guitar pick

    Celluloid Standard Shape Pro Picks:
    • Made from high quality celluloid material offering great flex and durability
    • Grip well to your hands and sound fantastic on the strings
    • Available in black or white, in 6 different gauges (one gauge and one colour per bag of 10 picks)

    Guitar Pick Necklace:
    • Ball chain necklaces made in a dogtag style
    • Feature a nickel plated alloy guitar pick with an enamel filled design
    • Come with a genuine celluloid guitar pick on a shorter ball chain
    • Chain is 60cm in length, steel pick is 2mm thick
    • The ultimate necklace for any guitar fanatic

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