Delrinex picks - a snapshot

Guitar picks, whilst they appear to be a humble piece of plastic, this is certainly not the case.

We have a lot of guitarists ask us what is so special about our Delrinex picks. Grover Allman Delrinex picks are made from acetal, an excellent engineering grade plastic that has low friction and high impact properties. This material is used in many applications, next time you drive past a car wash look at those big rotating brushes - they are generally made of acetal. It is also used for gears on machinery!

You will notice when you play with this pick that it has amazing wear properties compared to other picks, when playing it has a very fast release on strings and allows for fast picking action.

We injection mould these picks and in their base format the picks are quite slippery straight from the mould. Through our tumbling processes we convert that to a matte finish on the pick to provide additional grip – nothing worse than a pick flying out of your fingers mid solo! These picks can be customised with any design.

Find our great Delrinex range here:

Happy playing!

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