How Grover Allman Started - Part Four

To date we have sold in excess of 50 million guitar picks and supplied picks to some of the biggest bands in the world. Some of these bands go through 10,000 + picks per year! The list is huge and apologies for missing anyone out, bands like AC/DC (listening to while I write this blog, and to be specific - “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It”), Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Rolling Stones, Extreme, Pink, Rihanna, Keith Urban, Ozzy Osbourne and so many, many, more… It is super satisfying to see bands that we supplied picks to all those years ago are still with us today and to see how they have grown also.

Our picks are found all over the world today and will be used by street buskers in some small market town in the middle of nowhere, to someone headlining Glastonbury throwing them into the crowd. Each equally important and with their own exciting stories.

Moving forward, in order for us to be a leader in our field we continue to invest money into our pick manufacturing machinery and related technologies and look at ways to improve our production processes. In addition to this, good customer service is imperative, we pride ourselves on this and believe that has certainly assisted in cementing our reputation as a world class guitar pick supplier.

We have always tried to be the leader in creating something new and exciting and continue to do so. The product that has caused a stir lately are our new 'TRU GRIP' picks.

See if these will slip out of your hand while playing!
A fully customised pick with amazing grip, just perfect!

Learn more about TRU GRIP

Who knows what we will come up with next... a big thank you to everyone for playing your part in the Grover Allman story!

Kevin Grover

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