How Grover Allman Started - Part Three

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It was 2004 and we decided that we would explore the world of licensing, something we had never done before. Around that time licensing was very popular with other products. We thought ‘The Simpsons are big… let’s see if we can get that license for guitar picks”.

It took quite a while from the original idea before we actually started selling the product, but it was worth the wait. Distributors around the world were falling over themselves to try and get the distribution rights for our picks. Even Walmart were keen to take on our picks, we fondly remember them saying, “Whatever you do, don’t let us down on supply”. We started receiving massive orders every month. 

The Simpsons Guitar Picks
The Simpsons Guitar Picks, Simpsons picks are no longer available

The Simpsons Guitar Pick Multi Packs
The Simpsons Guitar Pick Multi Packs

The Simpsons PikCards
We even made Simpsons PikCards

It wasn’t long after that when we secured a number of Disney licenses. We were struggling to keep up with orders; they were huge! We decided at that stage to get into more licensed lines. Some of the licenses we took on were South Park, Family Guy, Manchester United, Mr Men, AFL and NRL. These licenses really helped Grover Allman get onto the world map and be recognised as a major global player.

Mr Men Guitar Picks
Mr Men Guitar Picks, these are no longer available

At this point in time we thought we would expand on our product range. We didn’t want to be limited to only Guitar Picks, so we started supplying licensed Guitar Straps, Guitars and Ukuleles.

The Simpsons Guitar Straps
The Simpsons Guitar Straps, no longer available

The Simpsons Guitars
The Simpsons Guitars
The Simpsons Guitars and Ukuleles, no longer available

Sales of these products were huge. Today we still carry guitar straps, however we custom print them for our customers.

We secured some great distributors around the world and some of those are still with us to this day. Those distributors claimed Grover Allman products took them to a whole new level, something which we are really proud of.

We had a great run at licensing and sales continued strong for about 10 years. The revenue we received from licensing helped us improve our proprietary range and the two worked really well together.

The range of Grover Allman products continued to grow but the focus going forward was to stick with what we have always been good at - guitar picks.

Keep an eye out for Part Four when we discuss where Grover Allman is today.

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