How Grover Allman Started - Part Four

To date we have sold in excess of 50 million guitar picks and supplied picks to some of the biggest bands in the world. Some of these bands go through 10,000 + picks per year! The list is huge and apologies for missing anyone out, bands like AC/DC (listening to while I write this blog, and to be specific - “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It”), Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Rolling Stones, Extreme, Pink, Rihanna, Keith Urban, Ozzy Osbourne and so many, many, more… It is super satisfying to see bands that we supplied picks to all those years ago are still with us today and to see how they have grown also. View full article →

How Grover Allman Started - Part Three

It was 2004 and we decided that we would explore the world of licensing, something we had never done before. Around that time licensing was very popular with other products. We thought ‘The Simpsons are big… let’s see if we can get that license for guitar picks”. Read more...

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How Grover Allman Started - Part Two

A year had passed and we decided to bring out another guitar pick, one that we could print on. We have a laugh about some of those first designs; very simple, single colour, we even went out on a limb with some and printed them 2 colours! Read more...

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The Importance of Merch

Did you know that many bands now generate a bigger revenue stream through merchandise sales than actual music sales?

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Glow in the Dark Picks!

We are excited to release a new range of picks... glow in the dark celluloid!!!

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Diesel Amplified Tour

Multi Aria award winner Diesel has been on the music scene for over 30 years now. With an amazing list of song writing credits to his name he is recognized as one of Australia’s great live performers and his latest all electric “Amplified” tour looks to be no exception. Diesel heads out on the road in early May.

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Pick Materials

We’re often asked about the different kinds of plastic we use to manufacture our picks, what is the difference between each of them?

Without getting into too much technical detail, here’s a brief overview of the different plastics we use and what they’ll do for your playing.

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