How Grover Allman Started - Part Two

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A year had passed and we decided to bring out another guitar pick, one that we could print on. We have a laugh about some of those first designs; very simple, single colour, we even went out on a limb with some and printed them 2 colours! Some of those designs are still around today but have had additional colours added.

Early Grover Allman printed guitar pick designs.

As sales grew we were able to buy a more advanced machine that was capable of printing picks with up to 4 spot colours. These picks certainly put Grover Allman a cut above the rest of our competition - nobody was doing it. Even the heads at our major competitors in those early days were commenting at a Los Angeles music trade show (NAMM) on how good our printing was. As time progressed our design range was getting larger and we were providing point of sale cabinets with up to 40 different designs. It was around this same time that we were offering custom picks predominately for stores, we still have those stores ordering from us 25 years later, nothing like customer loyalty and boy do we appreciate it.

In those early days we were adventurous with coming up with new designs and manufacturing processes. It was at this stage we started trialling 4 colour process picks and came up with our first photographic image. Whilst the images were not the greatest in clarity we knew that it was the start of something to come.

We still have a collection of the early Grover Allman printed guitar pick designs in this dusty folder.

Around the same time we came out with a new pick called LYX, it came in 5 different gauges and still sells well today, we have some of our loyal clients that won’t use anything else. LYX is made from a high-grade engineering plastic (Acetal) which is used in motorbike sprockets! So you can imagine the wear properties on these picks is amazing. It has superior finger grip and a highly polished playing surface made for great speed picking. LYX picks are available here.

LYX Grover Allman guitar picks.

With the release of 2 professional picks and our custom printed range, Grover Allman was starting to become known as a serious contender in the pick supply market in Australia. Stay tuned for Part 3 where Grover Allman ventures into the world market…

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