What type of pick does (insert name here) use?

Here at Grover Allman we have been fortunate enough to produce custom picks for some well known artists over the years.

We often receive emails from fans who have gotten their hands on a pick of ours or have seen a photo online, wanting to know the type of pick that was used for that particular artist or band. Sometimes the fan is a guitarist and after using the artists' pick, wants the same style with their own artwork. 

With that in mind, we thought it might be useful to compile a list as a reference if you've found yourself in the same situation.

Acey Slade (Joan Jett, Dope, The Misfits) Celluloid, Standard Shape, TRU GRIP, .96mm
Alice Cooper
ISO Delrinex, 1.00mm
Bring Me The Horizon Celluloid, Standard Shape, .96mm
Bruce Witkin (Hollywood Vampires) ISO Delrinex, .80mm
Chris Hadfield Vintage Celluloid, Blue .71mm
Diesel ISO Delrinex, 1.00mm
Duff McKagan (Hollywood Vampires) ISO Delrinex, 1.00mm
Edsel Dope Large Triangle Celluloid, 1.14mm
George Lynch (Dokken)
Celluloid, Standard Shape, .96mm
Graham Russell (Air Supply)
Vintage Celluloid, Green .71mm
Five Seconds of Summer ISO G-Poly, .80mm
Jimmy Barnes ISO Delrinex, .65mm & .80mm
John 5 Celluloid, Standard Shape, .96mm
Johnny Depp (Hollywood Vampires)
Celluloid, Standard Shape, TRU GRIP .71mm
ISO Delrinex, .80mm
Jonni Lightfoot (Air Supply) Vintage Celluloid, Red .96mm, Gold Print
Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson ISO Delrinex, .80mm
New Years Day ISO Delrinex, TRU GRIP, 1.00mm
Large Triangle Celluloid, TRU GRIP, 1.14mm
Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper Band) ISO Delrinex, .65mm
Nuno Bettencourt (Rihanna, Extreme) Celluloid, Standard Shape, .81mm
Orianthi ISO Delrinex, .80mm & 1.00mm
Parkway Drive

ISO Delrinex, TRU GRIP, .80mm
Jazz XL Delrinex, TRU GRIP, 1.14mm


Vintage Celluloid, Pearl White, .81mm

Richie Sambora
ISO Delrinex, .80mm & 1.00mm
Rick Springfield
Celluloid, Standard Shape, .81mm
RÜFÜS / RÜFÜS DU SOL ISO Delrinex, .65mm
Russell Hitchcock (Air Supply) Vintage Celluloid, Confetti .71, Gold Print
Roxette Celluloid, Standard Shape, .46mm, .71mm & .81mm
Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper Band)
Celluloid, Standard Shape, .81mm
Short Stack
Large Triangle Celluloid, .81mm
ISO Delrinex, .80mm
The Delta Riggs
ISO Delrinex, .80mm
The Swon Brothers
ISO Delrinex, TRU GRIP, 1.00mm
Tommy Henriksen (Alice Cooper Band)
ISO Delrinex, TRU GRIP, .65mm
Tonight Alive
ISO Delrinex, 1.00mm
Vintage Celluloid, Grey, .71mm
You Am I
ISO Delrinex, .80mm
Ziggy Marley
Celluloid, Standard Shape, .71mm


So there you have it. If you come across any of our picks and would like to know more about them, feel free to get in touch with us.

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