The Importance of Merch

Did you know that many bands now generate a bigger revenue stream through merchandise sales than actual music sales?

However, merchandise should not be limited to bands alone. If you are in the music industry and need to get noticed, or need to create a greater brand awareness, you should definitely explore merchandise. Getting this correct can produce some amazing results.

There are many different businesses associated with the music industry that can benefit from having clearly thought out merchandise lines, such as concert promoters, pubs, benefit gig operators, recording studios and record labels.

If you are in a band, ask people in other bands (that may be of a similar level) what are their most popular merchandise items? This can save you time and money. At the start you may wish to explore stickers, button badges and guitar picks then progress to products like t-shirts, keyrings, wrist bands and drink holders as your budget grows.

When you start out it is very easy to get emotional about the whole process and get carried away with your purchases. It is important to set yourself a budget and stick to it! Ask yourself “Is this for promotional purposes?” or “Is this to raise money and create an income stream for the band?” When you get this right your followers and fans will become adverts for your ‘brand/band’ and certainly assist in raising your profile.

Good Luck!!!

As well as offering Custom Printed Guitar Picks, Grover Allman also has a range of other Merchandise options including Multi Packs and Guitar Keyrings. Contact us to find out how we can help you create a merchandise option that will meet your needs.

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