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We always love to see our customers using our guitar picks in an interesting or non-traditional way. Today we're featuring one of them:

CanYouHandlebar have been using our Custom Etched Delrinex guitar picks for more than a year now. We're proud to be a supplier to them and have our picks as part of their range of high quality beard wax, oils and soaps. Here's what Doug from CanYouHandlebar has to say:

"CanYouHandlebar began providing natural and reliable care for beards and moustaches in 2012. We saw the need for quality men's facial hair products and are one of the pioneers in the market. We are here for the long haul and distinguish ourselves with our commitment to assume-the-best customer service. As well, our customers appreciate our natural recipes and thoughtfully designed products.
Grover Allman's products are an integral part of our branding. We pioneered the use of guitar picks as moustache wax tools. Moustache wax is quite tacky and a pick makes for a neater and cleaner method of retrieving a small amount for use. Many customers play guitar and are always happy to have a good pick nearby. It is this combination of utility and simple goodwill has become a customer favorite."

Doug Geiger
, Gentleman in Charge

Check out CanYouHandlebar's range of quality beard care products here. With Father's Day just around the corner, why not get your Dad something nice?
You can also order your own Etched guitar picks from our online store here.

Do you use our picks for something other than playing guitar, and would like to be a featured customer? Drop us a line at

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