Dressed up in Leather

At times the music industry can be as much about fashion as it is about music, with so many artists striving to find a unique ‘look’ that will help them to stand out. Personalization of a product can be what sets us apart from the crowd, it provides an individualism, a true expression of identity. There are so many products now that lend themselves to personalization and it is one of the booming industries in the world today. Recent advances in technology have allowed personalisation of many items that simply could not be printed just a few years ago.

Throughout our many years of manufacturing, Grover Allman have stayed at the cutting edge of these advances in printing technology and in many cases have improved upon new techniques or found new uses for existing equipment.

For many years our customers have been asking us to produce fully customised, printed guitar straps. In the past, producing printed guitar straps has only been possible in large quantities. The printing methods involved are practical and very affordable but the setup costs have so far prevented us from producing one of a kind printed straps.

With the advent of new printing inks and some clever modifications to new equipment, it is now possible for us to print directly onto leather guitar straps at a level of quality unheard of before. It’s possible for us to print photographic images that are durable and vibrant, exactly what our customers have been asking for.

Grover Allman have sourced the finest quality genuine leather guitar straps, then we’ve perfectly matched them to our printing process ensuring the finest possible printed image.

Whether you’re trying to create positive brand awareness or just want to look like a rock star, how about trying Grover Allman’s custom printed guitar straps next time you place an order.

Get your own Grover Allman Custom Guitar Strap here.

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